Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 TV Shows I Have Seen Every Episode Of??

So Sweet Shoppe Designs' blog challenge this week is blogging about 5 TV shows I have seen every episode of. I am a DVR junkie, so here we go:

1) 24 - Need I say more?? This show is amazing! I have been watching it since its beginning, and it just keeps getting better! Constant action, and just generally awesome!

2) House - Again, I have seen this show since the beginning, and I just love it. The characters are so compelling. And how about this week's episode?? Wow, who saw that coming????

3) Lost - OMG! This show is fantastic... always keeping you thinking and wondering.. Amazing cast of characters, and it's funny how, if you were on the show in the first season, you may be on it again in the 4th, even though you died in the first (I love you, Boone!)

4) CSI - Another fantastic show with a great cast that compels you to watch every week. I have to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for Grissom, so it's not the same since he left, but still a great show. And I will tack CSI New York on to this one, because it is just as great, and I love Mac Taylor!

Now, I watch MANY more shows, that I have seen every episode, but I feel compelled to write about one that was very short-lived and it is so unfortunate that it only lasted one season. It is...

5) Life on Mars - I can't tell you what my favorite part of the show was, because it was all so well written. The premise is that the main character (Sam) fell and hit his head and when he woke up he was in 1973 and had no idea why. The whole show was about him trying to figure out why he was there, while he did his job as a cop at the 125 Precinct. His squad were awesome characters that always had me laughing out loud. They portrayed 1970's cops as bruisers that abused the "rules", but that made it even funnier. And since they had prior knowledge that the show was going off the air, they had an opportunity to give closure to the show and the finale was awesome! If you ever get a chance, rent this series when it comes out on DVD. I personally will be buying mine!!


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